spacecraft is an artists’ workspace founded in 2017 in Limerick city centre by L.S.A.D graduates. Our mission is to provide a creative working environment to artists and to explore the potential of the workspace to facilitate sustainable art practices, with broad approaches to public engagement.

We are concerned with how the conditions in which work is produced and presented affect creativity, productivity and public engagement. As a result, we are creating a working environment capable of adapting to the needs of members. Which we hope will, in future serve as a consistent meeting point between artist and audience.

Additionally, through the creation of common resources, both artistic and otherwise, we hope to create a space which is conducive to shared responsibility and communication between members and thus may facilitate artists with the skills and confidence to initiate their own projects beyond the studio.

spacecraft is an artist-run organisation with an artist-led Board of Directors. Our current building houses eight visual artists, with members working in a variety of disciplines including sculpture, photography, painting, new media, performance, installation and printmaking.